Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh, those of you with girls should consider this. . .

There is a program we have done for 3 years now, called Musical Mondays.  It is basically a musical production every semester, with a free performance open to the community.  The woman in charge, Candace, is AWESOME.  The kids all get pizza and lemonade every week when they first arrive, which is included in the cost. The quality of story and music chosen are excellent.  I love that kids get to choose if they want a speaking role or not, and ALL the kids sing ALL the songs together--no solos--and they all stay on stage the entire production, so they get to really feel like they are all in the production equally. 

This fall the selected musical is. .  Annie!!!  Oh, my girls are in for a treat!

I think the youngest allowed is 7, so Bronwyn will not be participating, but that is ok--I think she is a bit young for it anyway.  But Meredith and Gwynneth are SO going to be in this--and Musical Mondays are an Ocean Grove vendor!!!  AND it is held at a church right near Vintage, so we always go on over to catch the 6 pm martial arts class at Laird's afterwards, and make the most of being on that end of town. . .

Can I sell you any more on this?  boys are of course welcome too, but those of you with older girls--THINK ABOUT IT. : )

Here is the email I received tonight:

Hello Everyone,

Musical Mondays is about to begin. This fall semester we will perform Annie. I chose this play for many reasons first and foremost because I love it! There are so many parts, such fun songs and great chances to show our best acting from the clown, Mrs Hannigan to President Roosevelt. The first class is September 13, 3-5pm. We will meet every Monday from 3-5 and perform our play on Monday, November 15, at 5pm and Sunday, November 21, at 3pm. Please check/reserve these dates now. The fee for the class is $125.00/semester. Invite your friends to join the fun. No need to preregister, just join us for pizza on the 13th.

Candy, Cheryl, and Jenny

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