Monday, August 30, 2010

Storytelling with Jim Weiss!

Hello Moms!

I am here to sell you on tell you about an amazing upcoming event!  I am sure a lot of you are familiar with  Jim Weiss, who is one of the top story tellers in America today and is the voice behind The Story of the World books.

Well, from what I have learned from my wonderful E.S. Terry Cleary:

Diane Bokulich and Mary Ann Shapiro worked to bring Jim Weiss to Capitola to teach your kids about storytelling!

Here is the info from the database:

Classes will take place on Monday, Nov 8 from 9Am to 3PM. at ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC COMMUNITY- CAPITOLA, CALIFORNIA, 435 Monterey Avenue, Capitola CA 95010, 831-475-8211.

There will be no "drop-off" and there is no area for small children to play. Students should bring a sack lunch if they are staying for the whole day. 

I interpret this last part to mean that there must be a parent attending the event with his/her child, and this will not be a good venue for little ones.  But think about it this way--YOU get to attend the event for FREE! ; )

Cost is $95/student. BUT it turns out that the price will drop as more students sign up! If we have 10 students, the cost is $95 each. With 20 students it drops to $47.50.  This event is covered fully by your Ocean Grove funds, BUT let's still see if we can't get enough interested parents/kids to bring the cost down!

Sarah Frank will be taking Hannah while her husband watches the boys.  She has generously offered to "parent" Gwynneth so she can attend and I can be here with my little ones!  I am sure us Vintage Ocean Grove moms can together work out child care help for those of us who could not do it otherwise, so if you are interested, leave a comment below and we will see what we can do! 

And be sure to sign-up for the event with your Ocean Grove E.S.!

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