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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

National Parks Free Fee Days

January 15-17
(Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday weekend)
April 16-24
(National Park Week)
June 21
(First day of summer)
September 24
(Public Lands Day)
November 11-13
(Veterans Day weekend)

The free admission days this year are January 15-17 (the weekend around Martin Luther King Jr. Day), April 16-24 (National Park Week), June 21 (the first day of summer), Sep. 24 (National Public Lands Day) and Nov. 11-13 (Veterans Day weekend). In total, that's 17 days when you can enjoy some of the country's greatest attractions free of charge. Normally, the participating parks charge entrance fees of anywhere between $3 and $25. In addition to the free admission, several national parks are planning special events and discounts on these days. For example, Glacier National Park in Montana will trim $5 off the cost of horseback riding for kids (17 and under) on June 21, and Yosemite's Curry Village in California has an interesting deal where the price of lodging matches the previous day's temperature, starting tomorrow through March 19.

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