Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UPDATE: Next Old School Monday--NEXT Monday!

Hello Vintage Moms!

Next OSM is planned for next Monday, Jan. 24 from noon until about 2:30. 

Please come, and invite friends!  You are welcome to bring your lunch or eat before you come, whichever is more convenient for you that day.  I have heard our new time is working well for moms who need to coordinate with morning or afternoon naps--or both--so hope to see all you moms we have not seen for a while.  No pressure, but if you read this message then we would love to have you and your kids there!

I'll have some schoolish things we can do, and of course we will provide opportunity for the kids to run around--if the weather is beautiful, maybe we will make some of it outside!  And for this time, or any time, if any of you moms have a fun schoolish thing for the kids, just let us know in the comments to any OSM post and please go ahead and bring it!  Sometimes school plans and projects work really well in a larger group setting, or will help get your kids eager about their learning, so keep OSM in mind as you make your school plans. : )

UPDATE as of Sunday afternoon:  If you Moms see this, our fun activity will be making thumbprint art!  I will provide books on this technique we can all look at, and will provide the paper and stamp pads!  (I will also bring stamp pads we can use for other valentine's cards, but will only pull them out if we think the older kids want more activity) But if you have washable ink stamp pads, I am sure they will come in handy, so please feel free to bring them.  But be sure not to dress your kids in their cutest outfits tomorrow!!!  While my stamp pads are supposedly washable ink, it never hurts to be careful. : )  And if you have some while paper you think would be good for this project that you don't mind sharing, please bring it, just so we are sure to have enough.   

This craft you can do with as you like, but if you want, turn these into Valentine's cards, and be ready for our Valentine's Day party!  I am hoping we can get the classrooms for Friday, Feb 11 for our party--keep a watch for details!
--lisa c.

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big hair betty said...

Hi Lisa! I was hoping to be able to come, but it's not going to work out. We will definitely try the next one is Feb. Keep us posted on the fun art/cake idea, super cute idea! Sara Greco