Sunday, January 2, 2011

UPDATED!: New Year's (Homeschool) Party!

Really, do we NEED a reason to get together and have fun? 

Seriously, fellow moms, this weather and various ailments being passed around our family for the past three weeks has gotten me just a teeny bit blue--I am ready to get out and reconnect with friends!  So how about a party?  (think I'm experiencing just a tad post-holiday let down? ; )

I was thinking it would be so fun to get together with TWO sole objectives:

1) kids playing while moms chat
2) kids sharing with the group one learning goal for 2011

Moms could share a learning goal too! 

If we wanted an activity, I have two bags of flour I have saved for making playdough (unless we think that would make too much of a mess--moms, please give your feedback).

Otherwise, I was just thinking of everyone bringing one snack to share, and we can chat and eat and play. . .

Who is up for it?  Please leave a comment if you can come!

WHEN: This Friday, Jan. 7, noon
WHERE: the usual classrooms at Vintage

Please invite your friends!

To cut down on paper/plastic waste, please bring a small plate/bowl and cup and napkins for each member of your own family.  Thanks!


laura said...

I'm in!

McNabb Clan said...

we can't wait!! I will bring something snacky from Trader Joe's.

big hair betty said...

Okay, we will do our best to be there!!