Saturday, February 26, 2011

a few resources for China studies

If your family is interested in a unit on China, here are some fun and interesting sites I recommend to get you started.

A really neat map of China and its provinces with a key that your child can color-code:

Look up your child's name and see how it looks in Chinese characters:

How to count to 10 in Mandarin:

A youtube video of cute kids counting in Mandarin:

I found lots of good free printable coloring sheets too, and can send anyone interested files--just don't think I can do that here.

And there some very good videos on China available for instant download through Netflix at the moment:

(Don't forget Netflix offers a free trial membership, so if you are not already using their services, you can get a couple of weeks or even a month for free, just the right amount of time to study a topic like China. : ) When you watch these titles, you have to read between the lines--everything is so beautiful and the narrator overall so positive about China. But throughout there are subtle hints of the less positive side of China that you can catch and then talk about with your kids.)

If anyone is interested, I can also recommend a couple of really neat Chinese stories for your younger kids.

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