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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old School Monday--THIS MONDAY! And its all about China

Hello Vintage Moms!

It is THAT TIME AGAIN. Can you believe it?  So this MONDAY, Feb. 28 come join us for OSM.  We are going to learn a little bit about China, hear a traditional Chinese folktale, and do a little Chinese New Year's craft, maybe do a little Tai Chi, and some of our gang will give a surprise performance! 

Time is noon to about 2:30, as is our new "usual."

If you are interested in joining our Chinese studies for the day, maybe talk to your kids about China a little, and have them bring something from home that was made in China.  Bonus points to any family who brings any Chinese snacks. ; )

I just posted some fun links to things online for anyone interested.
Can't wait to see you all!  Have a great rest of your weekend.


McNabb Clan said...

wishing so much that we could be there with you all...hope you have fun studying our beloved land! hugs, the McNabbs in China!!
ps. the outline of China looks like a chicken!

big hair betty said...

Ok, we should be there!

Blessed said...

Ali, you know I wish I had thought of doing this while you were HERE. But we are going to look up where you live on a map, and pray for you all, and Becky even gave me a national geographic article about the Uygurs for us to look at photos, and we are going to make decorations for the CHinese New Year, and all the time we will be thinking of you all!

Sara G. can't wait to see you. : )