Thursday, February 3, 2011

totally unique history/music learning opportunity

It's local, and I *think* it will be FREE too!  (finding out for sure)

Here is the original post by a local homeschool mom:

Hi everyone, I was intrigued that the SC Baroque Festival is having a glass armonica concert coming up on February 12. In case you didn't see my previous note about this, this is an instrument that Benjamin Franklin invented and which had a brief period of popularity before the piano took over. The performer is both a musician and a historian of this instrument.

I inquired about getting some kids in to meet the performer and see the instrument that afternoon, and they are open to having a small group come. They also wanted me to point out that every Baroque Festival concert has youth (under 18) tickets for only $3, so if you have a child old enough to sit through the concert, they'd love to see more interested kids at the actual concerts, too.

They can't give me an exact time yet, but the fieldtrip will be in the afternoon of February 12 at the UCSC Music Recital Hall. Please e-mail me if you want to attend, and I will put together a list and let you know what time the week of the concert. Kids any age are welcome, but of course your child should be able to be respectful of the instrument and the musician in order to be able to participate fully! :)

Susana (Suki) Wessling

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