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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Valentine's Party!--THIS FRIDAY

Hi Vintage Moms!

I have been trying to spread the word for a couple of weeks now, so that hopefully you all would set aside the date, but I did not post anything sooner because I had not yet heard officially if we could use the classrooms.  Turns out poor Janene in the church office has been sick, but YES we can use the rooms, so we are on!

This Friday, Feb. 11 from noon until 2:30.  Please come and invite friends!

--We will be making valentine "mailboxes"--very simple ones this year--and then filling them with valentines, so please have your children prepare valentines ahead of time and bring them to share.  

--It's a party!  So please bring some party snack to share

--to cut down on waste, would everyone please bring small plates, utensils, napkins, etc. for your own family?  Thanks!

--I would like to have the older kids do a special craft in the attached classroom, so would one mom volunteer to watch my littlest in the main room in the meantime?  Thanks!

If anyone has a favorite book dealing with "Love," please feel free to share it for circle time!

I hope you can all come!


Jenna said...

Hey there, all though I don't homeschool from time to time I pull my kids out of mainstream school to learn outside the walls...Anyways coming up in March there is this really awesome farm up near Halfmoon bay that offers preschool days! They also can accommodate school groups, not sure about the same day tho. Anyhow check out the link. You must send an e-mail to confirm your visit tho. We went in the fall and had a blast. Not very crowded at all.

Jenna said...

The link did not work, sorry.
You can look up Elkus Ranch and go to calendar events.

Blessed said...

Thanks for the helpful link and info, Jenna. : )