Friday, June 17, 2011

Beautiful piece on homeschooling--must read!

This is a link to a wonderful, eloquent blog post about homeschooling, which I think you will all enjoy. 

I have to admit, about half-way through my eyes were glazing over her words,  with jealousy, because I could not get over the amazing photos of her homeschool space.  All those gorgeous retro school aids and tools!  Enough wall space for huge maps and art!  In fact, such an overabundance of unused wall space that they can line up their books side by side on a rail?!!!!!  Oh, I admit, I have big time envy.  BIG TIME.  Those of you who know my teeny tiny space I'm schooling in. . . this almost makes me want to cry, and I so full of lust.  So, I will finish reading the article when my eyes have cleared and God restores my heart. ; )

But still, read the post!  Be inspired by a home environment that perfectly incorporates learning and living and style and beauty of what's real.  In all senses of the word. : )



Paisley and Lace said...

You make your tiny world beautiful with with your love, friend. And you do the most interactive and creative projects that your kids will forever remember doing together. I miss seeing you :)

Blessed said...

Ah, thanks for the loving encouragement, friend! We miss seeing you too. Think about you whenever we are at Lairds. : ) Or when I see quilts!