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Thursday, June 16, 2011

FYI: geography app

Hello Vintage Moms!

One of the blogs I read just made a post about what sounded like a really fun application for the iPhone.  Doug and I don't have iAnything, so this is moot for us, but thought some of you more technologically-savvy homeschool moms might like to know about it.  It is called 'Stack the States," and fits in right with our OSM states learning we did this past year! : )  So if you are interested, follow the link.


McNabb Clan said...

we use this app and it has improved Asia's American geography skills heaps!! (it works best for good readers) if anyone knows of a similar quality computer game (iphone, etc not necessary) please post a link!! hugs, ali

Sarah said...

My kids also like Stack the Countries Lite which is currently a free app. And fyi, now through the end of June, McGraw-Hill is offering all their math apps for free. Just downloaded them, so we aren't able to give a thumbs up yet-- but we like free :)