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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome Summer Party--feedback request

Ok, Moms, since no one responded to the post about the end of the school year party, so let's just plan on having it at our next OSM, which is scheduled for June 27.  Let's plan on a fun time of hanging out and playing--have to make sure our kids are properly socialized, right? ; ) 

Let's each bring a yummy snack to share, and have show and tell, so you and your kids can show off something you did this past year that you are really proud of, or think others would enjoy hearing about.
And let's do it at our normal meeting time--12 noon to 2:30.

Do we want to meet at church, or do we want to meet at a park?  Now anyone who wants to join us MUST post a comment!  After I picked walking to Harvey West on what turned out to be the hottest day in decades, I don't want the responsibility of choosing.

Ok, ok, if NOBODY makes a comment, I guess I'll pick. ; )  But please comment!

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