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Friday, June 17, 2011

Number Parade--little tool for learning to write numbers

This is a little thing, but something that I just used this morning with Bronwyn and thought it was worth sharing.

Years ago, when I was helping Gwynneth learn how to write her numbers, she had a hard time remembering which way each number was facing, and would often write them backwards.  So I came up with a little poem to help her remember, and it has helped all three girls.  It might only work well with kids who are already visual learners, but if your child tends to write letters backwards, it might be worth trying.

Point to the numbers as you read them aloud.

1    2     3    and       

say "Come on everybody, let's march some more!"

5     and       

say "We feel sick."  (sad voice)

    and      8    

say "We feel great!"

9     and     10   

say "Let's march again!"

See, for a visual person, the numbers 1, 8, and 10 look like they are facing the reader.  2, 3, 4, 7, and 9 look like they are facing left.  5 and 6 look like they are facing right.  So, if we pretend there is a parade and all the numbers are marching to the left, only 5 and 6 look like they are turning in the other direction, like they don't want to march.  I show this to my kids and teach them the rhyme, and then they can more easily remember which way to write the number.

Just a little silly thing, but thought it could be useful/fun for some of you. : )


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