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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plastic in Our World: Day Two


(So sorry this post is coming so late. I was planning out the lessons this morning, and then the day had its way with me! Also, I was going to post this assignment tomorrow, but found out today is World Oceans Day AND No Plastics Day, so switched things around accordingly.)

On your own
1. Visit Fake Plastic Fish, peruse today's entry, and share with your kids what you want. *The art exhibit at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences to which she refers is one of the planned field trips at the end of this plastics unit! Stay tuned for more details.

2. Read about the Ocean Garbage Patches on wikipedia, and this article.

With your kids
3. Introduce the ideas you think are important from what you read.

4. Watch this clip on youtube.

If you want to learn more
--Check out the documentary Addicted to Plastic, parts One and Two on youtube.

Website of the day:
Loads of helpful and interesting articles in this section on plastics.

(Please remember, I am making these little lessons super easy and accessible so that everyone feels like they can join in and get the basics. Once you get exploring, esp. online, there are loads more things to learn. Please build the fun and educational opportunity by sharing the things you and your family find in the comments section!)

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Becky said...

lisa, thanks so much for doing this! We are onboard! (even though we are camping part of this week, which complicated things a bit, but we will do what we can!). So far the girls are having fun pointing out plastics and we are saving all kinds of plasticky refuse. Some things we are unsure about... plastic vs. rubber content, etc.