Tuesday, June 1, 2010

vintage paper dolls

Here is a neat link that a friend sent me - some 1950's (up to 1990) vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls. You need to follow the links and print them out yourself. If you have a good printer, and some quality paper this would be a fun activity! We are going to attempt it here! Hope your kiddos enjoy!
love Ali


Becky said...

Ali, this is great! Thank you! My girls have been busy all last night and this morning, printing Betsy McCall paper dolls and cutting them out. It's funny how they have more fun doing that than playing with them! They have labeled each outfit with its description and the year (writing practice!). Also funny is that my mom, during her high school days in the fifties, looked EXACTLY like Betsy's mom. Thanks for a great idea and link! -- Becky

McNabb Clan said...

its all about the scissor's here too. after they are done - they get lost around the house! very great idea about the writing too! your mom does look like her!! crazy! love you girls!!