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Monday, June 7, 2010

Please join us in studying Plastic in our World!

Hello moms!

Our family has been learning about plastics for over a month now, and it is truly eye-opening and fascinating. So much of what we study and learn in our homeschooling is interesting and useful--but how often does what we learn have impact on our home, our health, and our world? This unit of study has been one of the most important we have done all year.

So, I have decided to create an EASY online unit for anyone interested, to help anyone jump in on the learning! I will make it a two week course, but you can of course delve deeper, or just touch on the basic elements. Each day here on TWIOC I will post one new lesson--expect it to be easy and short and not require special materials.

Our unit will culminate in one--potentially two--field trips, and a student art show!

So please pass the word around, and share the website link with anyone who might be intersted in joining us. This is not just for homeschoolers, of course! With school out for the summer, some public-school parents might be interested in channeling their kids towards something productive for a few minutes each day. : )

Questions? Post them here in the comments.

I hope you all consider joining us!

Lisa C.

P.S. I am not by any means an expert on this subject--so informational comments, resource suggestions, etc. will be more than welcome from any participants!

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Heddi Craft said...

Please announce this on as well! I'm sure that you would get some additional people!

Suki said...

It's a great topic. My father is a polymer chemist, so if you come up with any scientific questions you can't get answered, I'd be happy to send them on to him. Also, my son's class this year won awards for the video they produced about plastic garbage in the ocean. You can view it here: It's starring kids, so your kids will probably enjoy it.

Blessed said...

oh, thanks, Suki! Can't wait to see it. : )