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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sharing a book we love

Hi there, just wanted to pass along a recommendation for a book we are really enjoying: TumTum and Nutmeg, Adventures Beyond Nutmouse Hall. Anyone else read this? It was only written last year but seems to have come from a long time ago. Two sweet little anthropomorphized mice who live a grand life in the broom closet of a shabby cottage and secretly care for the cottage's shabby but sweet human children. We haven't finished it yet, so I can't speak for the ending, but so far the girls are begging me to read around the clock and there are some great words and storylines here.


McNabb Clan said...

we haven't read them - but it looks like there are more in the series (a christmas adventure, also a seaside one too). looks fun!! this makes me want to write some more book reviews for ya. we really love "M* stories with the millers" -- i will try to post something about them. hugs, ali

Blessed said...

so glad you posted this--definitely will check it out! : )