Wednesday, June 16, 2010

*Free online documentaries

Received this suggestion from another homeschool group and thought I'd share..
I know most of the world already has Netflix, but this site has tons of free online documentaries on all kinds of subjects:
It looks like there are a wide range of topics and many interesting and educational films. Not all are appropriate, but they do seem to be fairly clearly labeled with warnings if they have "adult content." As with most of the internet, browsing discretion for kids is advised though.

**We especially enjoyed watching "Sustainable Dave" as he talks about variety of environmental issues, including plastics! My kids were inspired to start assembling their own backpacks for use when on trips whether across country or even when we're just out and about. Our family goal is to completely avoid using plastic water bottles, utensils, etc. I'll post pic's when available :)

FYI-- just checked YouTube and there are *several* short clips of "Sustainable Dave" there as well!


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Sustainable Dave said...

Wow, totally stoked that your kids enjoyed my videos. There are hopefully more to come. Thanks for the kind words!